/// Inside the Factory ///

Hope, the great British cycle company
Online retailer, Canyon, behind the scenes
Behind the scenes at Specialized
Inside the Ridley Factory
GCN Trek Factory Tour
Trek factory paint tour
Seven factory tour

/// Bike Tech and Manufacturing ///

Carbon fibre, the wonder material (along with many others) that have taken industries by storm. From automotive, motorsport and of course, cycling. Ever wondered how many of the bike products are conceived, tested or even manufactured? Here we hope to give an insight into many of the things you've been bolting to your bikes.

Understanding and caring for your carbon

Ever wondered what goes on inside your carbon bike parts? Here, Raoul Luescher cuts up some carbon parts and talks about caring for carbon.

Ever wondered how some of the best cranks on the market are made?

An inside look at how the great British engineering company, Hope, go about designing and manufacturing their fantastic crankset.

Hope Hubs, things of beauty!

Hope, renowned for quality products, make some of the best quality (and value) hubs on the market. Want to see how they do it?

Continental Tyres, from raw materials to finished article

Anyone who rides relies on the material properties and technology used to produce cycle tyres.

The Humble Bike Chain

Possibly considered a 'boring' component until you understand the detail that goes into ensuring it stays together and doesn't come off!

Cannondale's Lefty Fork

Considered highly unusual, but infact very clever by design, Cannondale shows the inner workings of the Lefty and why it's always been super smooth in operation.

Carbon wheel rim manufacture process

Ever wondered how much effort goes into manufacturing the carbon wheel rims used by many riders these days?

Trek Carbon Bike Production

High-end carbon bike specialists, Trek, talk you through their carbon bike manufacturing process with some very clever technology.

Felt talk Textreme Carbon fibre and manufacturing techniques

Felt have been in the carbon game for a while now and have perfected many of their carbon techniques making light and very strong bike frames.

Carbon wheel rim manufacture process - Pro-Lite

Pro-Lite, renowed for quality components shows here how they manufacture their carbon hoops.

Carbon wheel rim manufacture process - Easton

Easton have always made a pretty mean wheelset. Check out their carbon lay-up process...